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To maximize the enjoyment of all members and their guests, Mystic Creek Golf Club has  adopted a pace of 4 hours 30 minutes as the maximum time allowed to complete an 18-hole  round. Groups are subject to being timed at any point during their round to ensure this time  expectation is met. Whenever a group shall for any reason fall more than one clear hole behind  the players ahead, it is expected to invite the following group through. 


Appropriate golf attire must be worn at all times when using the practice facility, putting green,  and golf course for all players at Mystic Creek Golf Club. All players are expected and required to wear  proper attire at all times. Members and/or guests who are dressed  inappropriately will be asked to change into appropriate attire or purchase such attire from the Golf  Shop. 

Acceptable Golf Attire for Gentlemen - Shirts with traditional golf, turtleneck or appropriate  mock turtleneck collars and sleeves, slacks and golf shorts up to four inches above the knee are  considered appropriate attire.

Acceptable Golf Attire for Ladies – Dresses, skirts, slacks, golf shorts up to four inches above  the knee and appropriate golf shirts or blouses are considered appropriate attire. 

Unacceptable Golf Attire - Tank tops, halter tops, tube tops, fishnet tops, spaghetti string  tops, tee shirts, cut-offs, jams, sweat pants, denim jeans or shorts, bathing suits, swimming  trunks, tennis shorts, basketball shorts, coaching shorts or other athletic shorts are not permitted. tennis and/or running apparel, jersey, cargo shorts or pants that have side  pockets with flaps or strings, unhemmed shorts or slacks, t-shirts and men’s shirts  without collars (mock turtlenecks with a substantial collar are acceptable).

Appropriate golf shoes are required on the golf course and practice areas at all times. Metal  spikes are not permitted. Football, baseball, track, soccer or other similar types of spiked or  cleated athletic shoes are not permitted. 

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